Thursday, November 13, 2008

Sidewalk Art Shows Much Older Than Thought

In a remote mountain valley in Western China, scientists recently unearthed evidence that outdoor art shows are at least 2500 years older than previously thought. Working in an area of the rugged Tien Shan Mountain range in Xinjiang province, archaeologists from Chengdu Paranormal Institute stumbled upon remains of an advanced culture highly skilled in art making.

Team leader, Dr. Toe Chin Fat, explained that many fine examples were just lying around the site, which he named Glorious People's Art Valley.

"We find many beautiful art piece there, such as brightly embroider pot holder, drippy candles, and a line of shaman’s walking sticks."

On one clearly visible roadway, workers discovered remnants of felt tents, suggesting ancient artists may have come to town to sell their creations. Dr. Toe reported one richly carved mammoth tusk even had pieces of blue ribbon still attached to it.

"This piece probably win Best of Show," he chuckled.

If carbon dating is verified, the Glorious People's Art Festival would be almost 2000 years older than the next oldest festival, Winter Park, FL.

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Sylvia said...

Wonder if they publicized it well. :-) Very interesting! Sylvia