Sunday, February 8, 2009

The Gulf Coast Museum of Art Closes

Bad choices and bad economic times did not doom the Gulf Coast Museum of Art in Largo. They may have added to its burden, but cultural apathy must be considered the final nail in the museum's coffin.

If the giant retailer Ikea had chosen to locate in Pinellas County instead of Tampa, government and community officials would have bent over backward in giving incentives and tax breaks.

If the Tampa Bay Rays baseball team threatened to pull out of town, all the forces of government and business would be brought to bear to convince them to stay. A way would be found. Yet, in its final hour of need, no one considered an art museum worthy of saving. Yes, it is sad.


Sylvia said...

Nice to read what's on your mind and see the fantastic results on paper.

Carol Cortright said...

GCMA was a breath of fresh air in Pinellas County's bland midsection. I am sad to see it close. I enjoyed its dynamic permanent collection as well as the many interesting special exhibits, events and classes. It was wonderful to have such a treasure so close to home.

Sheree Rensel said...

Sad isn't a strong enough word. No matter how long I live on this earth, I don't think I will ever understand our society. Like you said, Ikea, the Rays, or any other corporate entity makes ears perk up. Yet, a gem like GCMA goes barely noticed. I just don't get it.
At least, we had here for as long as it lasted. However, it is a great loss. :-(