Sunday, April 19, 2009

Silently, In The Night

Summer just returned to this part of the peninsula. I know this because the bane of Floridians is once again skittering around my kitchen.

Known around here as palmetto bugs, these roaches on steroids eat D-Con for lunch, are too big for roach motels, and fly in your face if approached directly. They are the ones visitors write home about.

The monster above was dispatched with a nifty stealth move. A well thrown magazine got it running in the opposite direction, where a broom silently waited.

Gloating will do no good however - the summer is young and there will be others. Many more.

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Jennifer said...


Love your blog and your work! I lived for a time in Miami and with shivers remember the gruesome palmetto bugs. Blech.

your YBR cohort,