Thursday, June 18, 2009

Mixing Up Some Media

While waiting for new studio space to open, I labor in the confines of a small apartment turned atelier. My dining table doubles as a drawing board, the tea table a framing station. As my focus narrowed, large works got shoved under the bed and I once more made friends with #0 brushes.

For the Cool Art Show in St. Petersburg next month, I will have many five by seven inch drawings. Nine inches by nine inches is now a large work and that is the size of Bell-Hop at the Sands Hotel (above) - an example of mixing some media on masonite.

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Sheree Rensel said...

Denis, I remember times like this. During past eras, I had to move my painting supplies just so I could eat dinner at the table! Of course, I have a studio now. However to this day, I have the coffee table in the living room shrouded with plastic because I paint there too. Sometimes, it has a feeling of nostalgia. :-)