Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Wild Beast In Tampa

The Tampa Museum of Art's classy new home is not even complete, yet has already landed a big one - the original Fauve himself, Henri Matisse. A Celebration of Henri Matisse will be the inagural exhibition of the Museum's instant landmark building on the Hillsborough River.

The exhibition will feature an extensive collection of Matisse's prints, paintings and sculptures and will be the first comprehensive showing of his work in the Tampa Bay area.

Parisian art critics first called Matisse a "Wild Beast" for his bold expressive colors and non-Academic style. He eventually won them over to become arguably the greatest artist of the 20th Century.

Read St. Petersburg Times Art Critic Lennie Bennett's story.


Roberta said...

I enjoyed your post about your art "forgery" and how far it went up the curatorial food chain. I also read your piece about the Tampa Museum, and I am looking forward to see the new museum as well.

I have just moved from the Washington DC area to Citrus County, and am missing my old network and building a new one. Do you know of any good artist run organizations in the Tampa area?

Anonymous said...

if a person wanted to purchase a piece there is no easy place to do that as far as i can see.

Denis Gaston said...

I apologize for any confusion.
I will feature a PayPal button soon. At present, works may be purchased directly from me at 727 733-1688 or