Sunday, December 6, 2009

Inside The Fantasy Factory

The bane of us former commercial artists is for our fine art to slip back into mere illustration. The drawings could then be easily incorporated into magazine ads for time-share resorts or packaging for hot dogs.

This problem is especially tricky since my art tends to be figurative with some sort of narrative element - both ideal for advertising purposes.

Through trial and error I've learned to block all preconceived ideas from entering my mind. The Buddhists do this to achieve clarity of being. I do it to banish the commercial artist.

Today I kept them out of the studio long enough to make two drawings.


Mark Kerstetter said...

These are gorgeous Denis!

Denis Gaston said...

Thanks Mark,
It means a lot when other artists like the work.
I continue to be amazed at your writing.

Lynn Whipple said...

damn you are good! and that doesn't even cover the half of it! Your surfaces are remarkable, but it's the design that always wow's my eyes! a treat to enjoy looking at your images and read your words.

Denis Gaston said...

Many thanks Lynn,
I value artist's comments the most and you and John have been on my short list for a long time.