Sunday, April 11, 2010

The Great White Hunter

Today I finished the last painting of a portrait series I’ve been working on for six months. The nine mostly mixed-media pieces on masonite comprise a group of iconic figures that sprang from the imagination.

With no apparent antecedents in the world out here, they function more like emotional signposts – states of mind with which to become acquainted.

Working in a rapid wet on wet method with a palette knife gave me the opportunity to quickly capture fleeting images. I’ve just now reached the point of feeling comfortable with this gestural painting style – comfortable as I can be in a nine by nine inch format. Four by six foot canvasses lean against my studio wall, an all too obvious next challenge.


Mark Kerstetter said...

This fellow is stunning. He looks like he's composed of gem stones.

Denis Gaston said...

Thanks Mark,
I appreciate your kind words.
Yes, it would have been great to see you and Victoria.
We should plan on a visit when time permits. I would like more hours in the day.