Monday, June 20, 2011

En Plein Aire as Anywhere

First of all, let us phase out another tired cliche, "local artist." The term, when used in the media, has come to infer that the artist is not quite ready for full artist status.

In that way of thinking, artists live in cities like New York, Paris or London, while local artists toil away in Podunkville longing for the big leagues.

Even cities that promote themselves as art meccas still freely use the pejorative moniker local artist. Most art museums would never consider mounting an exhibition of a local artist.

In the all inclusive sense of the word, we are global artists. When we stand at the easel, artists tap into a creative spirit that cannot be limited by other imposed boundries We derive our inspiration from world events as well as the back yard.

"Local" comes from the Latin word locus which means "place" and for artists, our place is the world.


Mark Kerstetter said...

Thanks Denis. And for what it's worth, I can't help but notice every time I go to New York it looks and feels more and more like any other place. I can truly say i enjoy my visits to Tampa Bay museums more than those to NY museums, with the notable exception of the Met.

Denis Gaston said...

Thanks for your comment Mark. I agree. Saw the wonderful Matisse show at the new TMA and looking forward to scoping out the Dali.
Question: Would you consider being a guest on my blog - your general observations on art or your own art making? I value your insights.