Sunday, December 27, 2015


Police in Clearwater, Florida arrested a local man early Friday morning on charges of being an artist.

Denis Gaston of 520 S. Keystone Ave. was taken into custody without incident after neighbors reported him acting funny and they didn't know why.

"Well, he worked late at night doing something on the front porch," said next-door neighbor Dillard Pike. "Visitors always had to come in the back door."

"And he sat in his back yard a lot, just sitting there doing nothing," added Pike's wife Martha. "He was nice enough but we just never suspected this!"

Police discovered the 70 year old Gaston's home filled with strange and lurid paintings, some still wet.

"I've been on the force 27 years and I've never seen anything like this!" said Clearwater detective Elvis Murkle. "Paint everywhere, even on the ceiling, like there was some kind of fierce struggle."

Gaston remains in the city jail, awaiting a panel of experts evaluation of his mental state.


mid night said...

Gosh, i need to be the first to comment...!!! Denis, they have found you out, much like Picasso, Van Gosh, and many of the first rate artists of which most people don't know, nor care to know, well except for social climbing relationships of course..!! well, dag gummet, let me know if i can visit with ya at the clink... maybe i can bring some bail money, or we can do a "fundrasing" online, get ya a bundle to work with, even paint the outside of your place, and get you a new rocking chair..!! Im with ya buddy..!! Congradulations, and really, let me know if i can help... i'll come right down there...!!! We can get it all straightened out by New Years, and wishing you the Best in the New Year dude...!!!

mid night said...

Oh, Denis, dag gummet they found you out, much like other artists about, but Congradulations on the event... if i can get a "fundraiser" going online, should raise enough bail money to get you out, even paint your place and possibly a new rocking chair or second rocker for us friends to visit and sit on the porch as we all used to do... hope all is going good or will go better for your Best New Year's wishes, and for sure, let me know if i can help, bring some bail money, get you situated, out, and back home for the rest of the holidays...!!! All the best towards the New Year, cheers,