Saturday, March 28, 2009

Draw Bambi And Become Famous

The magazine advertisement jumped out at the man, standing out even next to photos of exotic Pacific getaways and high-fashion models. Here at last the chance to realize a dream - to become a famous artist.

“This is it!” he announced.
“Those years of art school are about to pay off!” He reached for a fresh sheet of drawing paper.

All great painters must first acquire a solid foundation in drawing and the young Catalan student had easily mastered form and composition. He would make short work of Bambi.

Taking up a conte crayon, he deftly drew in the two big doe eyes. Continuing on, he exactly captured the young fawn’s winning smile. Finally, in a single bold stroke, the outline of Bambi’s head appeared and the drawing was complete. Stepping back, the young artist admired his expressive work.

“You, deer friend, will be my ticket out of this gauche village.”

That afternoon, on the way to meet friends at a café, he dropped the drawing in a post-box and began the waiting game. Days dragged by and the anxious student pictured art critics in Paris admiring his masterpiece. He imagined himself arriving at La Musee des Beaux Artes to a heroes welcome.

After a month of waiting, he began to worry, and, as often happens, the next day an envelope stamped BAMBI CONTEST arrived. The excited artist stared at the envelope for a long while, then, with trembling hands, tore it open. Quickly scanning the letter, his eyes fell on the words that strike dread into the hearts of artists.

“We are sorry to inform you….”

His dark boyish face blanched white. The letter fell from his slender hands. Suddenly, the man, who would one day paint the Surrealist masterpiece The Persistence of Memory, wept.

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