Friday, October 30, 2009

Dunedin Art Harvest

The challenge and ultimate satisfaction of an artist is the willingness to simply let things happen. Give up control for awhile. Let go of preconceived ideas. Get out of the way and just paint.

For the upcoming Art Harvest show, I allowed myself to paint on black masonite squares. I dared myself to use water based oil paint, and wondered what would happen if the surface was sprayed with glue.

The wonderful Japanese sculptor, Jun Kaneko, said his art comes from intuitive ideas based on a lifetime of experiences. Perhaps the experience provides a comfort zone that prevents us from falling off the edge into chaos. Within that shelter the artist is free to try something new, to be bold.


Stuart Montgomery said...


boxfotos said...

What did you think about the water based oils? I have been playing a little with them myself. I can't get used to them.

Denis Gaston said...

The first coat I lay down on masonite did not stick so well. Overlying layers did better and it dried faster than oil based oils.
Most people I've talked to don't like them, but I will need to experiment more.