Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Good Things, Small Packages

In my extended gig as a health food store "vitamologist," word got out that I also dabbled in the Arts. Before long, I was asked to exhibit work in the store cafe, next to the "all you can eat" salad bar and across from the "grab 'n go" deli.

It occurred to me one day, while noshing on an organic radish, that in a restaurant setting a different kind of art exhibit would be better appreciated. Thus was born the Grab 'n Go Art Show, featuring scores of original 3"x 5" drawings covering the deli walls. Customers simply pulled off the drawing they liked and left $5.00. I made enough money from that exhibition to buy more art supplies.

The Grab 'n Go Art Show will make a reappearance at the July Cool Art Show in The Cloiseum in St. Petersburg. Above are samples of many new works that will be available.


Augusta Scattergood said...

that is so neat, Denis. Where did all this take place? I couldn't click on the links in your posting. Were they supposed to take me somewhere? I love 3X5 art. Reminds me of my librarian days, all those catalog cards (ha ha).

Denis Gaston said...

Hi Augusta,
The show was at Nature's Food Patch in Clearwater, where I worked part-time for 15 years. A lot of people sent the drawings as post cards.
Where and when were you a librarian? You must have a slew of stories to tell.