Monday, May 4, 2009

La Mariposa

I first met Egberdien van Rossum in 1990 at the Mayfaire Art Festival in Lakeland, Florida. I knew right away here was a unique free spirit, someone unafraid to be different. She, in fact, presented herself as a piece of art, having enjoyed a full creative life in Europe and America.

In Holland, Egberdien knew some of the CoBrA artists, and later ran her own gallery on the Caribbean island of Curacao. After moving to Lakeland, she befriended many local artists and for a number of years hosted a television program on the arts.

Several years ago, Egberdien returned to Holland, where she continues to participate in the Rotterdam art scene. She has even done some modelling for Dutch magazines, proving the adage that art keeps you young.

I am fortunate to have Egberdien as a friend, and continue to marvel at her vitality. Did I mention she also makes jewelry. (photo courtesy of Nancy Cervenka)


Jan M Leupen said...

Ha so funny accident I found a picture of my friend Egberdien at your blog... she lives around the corner here.... nice picture!

Jan M Leupen said...

So funny to find a picture of my friend Egberdien on your blog.. she lives around the corner here....