Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Nature Boy

While studying art at the University of Florida, I took a Photography 101 class with the great Jerry Uelsmann. His first assignment, called "Evidence of Man," challenged us to explore how man had encroached on nature. Taking borrowed Pentax in hand, I set off to the wild and ruddy woods of campus. My first photograph turned out to be a discarded beer can in Beta Woods.

I recently gave myself a birthday present of an Argus Bean toy camera. At five mega-pixels with video capabilities, the green Bean is a most sophisticated toy. I especially like the sepia mode and, coupled with gee-whiz Photoshop effects, some unusual photos are possible.

With a nod to Mr. Uelsmann, I set out on another photo assignment. Now forty-four years after the first, man's encroachment on nature is complete. I retitled the assignment "Evidence of Nature."


boxfotos said...

Nice photos Denis, who is this Jerry Ulesman guy?

Denis Gaston said...

Jerry Uelsmann perfected the negative sandwich surrealistic approach. I put a link on his name that goes to his web site.
He's retired now and married to Maggie Taylor, photographer and former grad student of his.

Toy Camera Play said...

I think she was pulling your leg big guy. :0) LOL Looking good I like the mix of the mediums in your blog. Next for you ... FACEBOOK. :0)

Denis Gaston said...

They say ones sense of scarcasm is the first to go. I fell for that one.

Toy Camera Play said...

Now that is cleared up ... I have to say, "Jerry, Jerry, Jerry." :0)