Friday, September 4, 2009

Take Me To The Water

The idea sounded simple enough and fun - deliver a bunch of artwork to the Armory Art Center in West Palm Beach and return in time to watch the sun set while crossing the Sunshine Skyway. My friend Melissa and I had hopes of success, but rain, photo opps, and detours in Belle Glade conspired against us.

Landscapes along the way more than made up for the missed sunset. Seeing the Gulf of Mexico, Lake Okeechobee, and the Atlantic Ocean in one day became the icing on my journey. In between, massive thunderstorms rolled over endless fields of sugar cane. And the stark contrasts of Palm Beach County - rows of migrant worker shacks in sugar cane towns and thirty minutes further on, the million dollar mansions of Palm Beach.

As a lifelong Cracker Boy, I thought I had seen most of this fascinating state, but drive away from the crowded coasts and bits of Audubon's Florida still exist. The Fakahatchee Strand lies in wait.


Carol said...

West Palm Beach--my hometown! I even took art classes at the Armory before I moved to Pinellas! As a lifelong Cracker Girl, I am glad you enjoyed the stark beauty and contrasts of our fascinating state--subtleties that many people miss in their race through life.(P.S. Fall is coming--can you feel it in the air every now and then? It's ever so slight--which makes it all the more magical. My favorite time of year!)

Unknown said...

Hey Cracker Girl,
Did you recognize the top photo - the Atlantic Ocean at Palm Beach, across the intercoastal on Okeechobee Blvd.
The Armory opening is next Friday, 6-8pm if you and the Dave man want to come on down.
Yes, there's a cool breeze on my face coming outside, not a hot humid Turkish towel face splat.

Arthur said...

My parents live on the Lake and I love coming to the area to relax I live in Naples and even here its starting to get crowded, Been here since '87 my how thing s sure change


Unknown said...

Hi Arthur,
We stopped at the park off S.R. 80 and climbed the dike expecting to see a huge expanse of water. All we saw were a canal and some islands. Disappointment. Next time, we're going to the boat ramp in Clewiston.